About Mindy

Hello World!  My name is Mindy and I am a 40 year old working professional and mother of three beautiful children, Alex and Nathan, age 11 (twins), and Lizzy, age 14.  I am new to blogging, but I love to write, especially about real life.  It is very challenging to balance a professional career while providing my family with a healthy, happy, home not to mention taking care of my own emotional, physical and spiritual needs.   I know there are millions of moms out there facing the same struggles and joys of life.  While our paths may be different, our journey is the same.  I want to find peace in this life and make all the different parts of my life come together in harmony.  When I read about the experiences of others, I learn how to make adaptions to my own life.  I hope this blog does the same for you.  It is simply simple.  How do we create a successful balance amidst all of the pressure and chaos of daily life both at work and at home?  So, here goes my journey into the world of blogging to discover how we make it all work.  Won’t you join me?


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