Top Ten Most Dreaded House Chores


Since the Midwest has been under snow storm duress and wind chill warnings for the past week and I have been home for 6 days now, I am catching up on house chores.  I haven’t done a deep cleaning since Christmas so it is time to get out the scrub bucket, plastic gloves, mop, and toilet cleaner.  There are certain house chores I really don’t mind doing at all, but there are others that I avoid at all costs until I cannot take it anymore.  These past few days, I have been getting them done.

So here goes, my top ten most dreaded house chores in order from least to greatest:

1.  Putting away laundry – Don’t mind washing, drying and folding, but dread putting away. This chore takes way too long!

2.  Washing windows – Boring, no fun, cannot get out streaks.

3.  Mopping floors – Don’t like my feet to get wet!  I always have to change my socks.

4.  Scrubbing pots and pans – The dish washer has made me so lazy.

5.  Carpet scrubbing – Carpet is so much maintenance with dogs and kids.  Hard wood floors are so much easier.  The canister in the carpet cleaning machine fills so quickly and it takes forever to get a whole room done when I have to keep emptying it and re-filling.

6.  Matching socks – I know this technically goes with laundry, but I cannot stand having 10 single socks and not one match.  How does this happen?  Where do the socks all go?

7.  Cleaning out the refrigerator – It is such a hassle to empty the fridge, take out all of the glass shelving, scrub it down, and put it back. The shelves always get stuck and never go back in the right way.

8. Scrubbing base boards – awful, boring, time consuming, not fun.

9. Dusting ceiling fans – Such a hassle to climb up on a chair, reach each fan spindle and try to get off the dust while maintaining my balance with dust sprinkling in my eyes.

10.  Scrubbing the toilet.  Okay, first of all, boys need to learn how to potty in the toilet, not on it.  Second, the base of the toilet is just as disgusting as the actual bowl.  I hate the little section on the side with the little cover that looks like a cap of some sort.  It is so disgusting scrubbing the crevices.  I am a huge germaphobe so this chore stinks big time!

Can you tell I have cabin fever?  Can you tell I am also avoiding mopping the kitchen and cleaning the downstairs bathroom?

Simply put, someone has to keep this place clean, so I guess I will  meander down to the bathroom for my next chore.  What is your least favorite chore?


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