Goodbye Matthew Crawley . . . You Will Be Missed

matthew-crawley-downton-abbeyDisclaimer:  There are major spoilers from Downton Abbey in this post.  Do not read if you are not current with the episodes or are planning to watch in the future.

For awhile now, my mother has been very persistently urging me to watch Downton Abbey, the very popular PBS series.  With such a hectic schedule, trying to find uninterrupted time to sit down and watch television is a challenge, but with the recent Midwest snow blasts, I finally gave in.   My Mom supplied me with all three seasons on DVD.  After the first two episodes, I was hooked!  My teenage daughter, Lizzy, also quickly became addicted when she tried to get my attention and I kept saying, “Hang on, just a minute, I have to see this next part.”  During my “ignorings” while she sat and waited for me, she couldn’t help but get caught up in the intrigue and drama of the characters, most notably, Lady Mary, Matthew, Edith, Sybil and our favorite, Granny.

I am so enthralled by the time period, the beauty of Downton Abbey, the beautiful gowns that are worn, the jewelry, the daily life of the royals, the servants, their English accents and phrasing,  and all of the rules the Royal family must adhere to.  The characters have come to life and I feel like I know them.  Lizzy and I have had many Downton Abbey marathons over the last two weeks trying the get through the first three seasons of the show since Season 4 is currently now playing on Sunday nights.  I even have my husband watching. In fact, he pulled two “all nighters” and then we had to catch up to him.

Last Sunday in church, our pastor was giving the sermon, and he related his preaching to Downton Abbey.  Lizzy and I were about half way through Season 3 at the time.  Then, before we knew it and without warning, he blew the bombshell!  He told us that Matthew Crawley, the main character of the show, died.  Lizzy and I looked at each other in horror.  We waited all of Season 1 and Season 2 for Matthew and Lady Mary to finally get engaged.  Every time they finally got together, something would happen to pull them apart.  We were so thrilled at the end of Season 2 when they finally got engaged.  In fact, we re-played the video several times to watch their beautiful engagement in the snow.  We could not believe that Matthew Crawley was going to die and how dare Pastor Bob for spoiling it for us! (We still love you Pastor Bob.  We know you were just preaching your sermon).

Lizzy got angry and refused to watch the show for a few days.  I told her we had come this far and we absolutely had to keep watching so last night, we finished Season 3 and watched poor Matthew “drive” into his death on the way home from the hospital after visiting his newborn son.  The scene was absolutely dreadful and I am so sad for Lady Mary.

Lady Chloe (my min-pin) and Lord Benny of Osceola (my Yorkie), also watched from their chair.  They were frowning at the end of the episode.  Today, I almost wore black.  Needless to say, I now will join the ranks of Downton Abbey fans and watch how Lady Mary and her family will deal this most recent tragedy. I hope she is able to recover and find someone new to love just as she loved poor Matther Crawley.

Simply put, if you are looking for a good show to watch, I highly recommend Downton Abbey, but obviously, if you have not watched the show yet, and read this post, you will know ahead the tragedy that lies ahead.  I still recommend it!  The show is well written and you will get hooked right away.

In fact, Mom, Lizzy and I are going to Downton Abbey someday.  I cannot wait to buy my Lady Mary gown and jewels!


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