Snow Blast Car Adventure

Snow around Billericay-676029Last night, I assumed my nightly mother cab duties to drive my daughter to piano lessons, play practice and the twins to basketball practice. Unbeknownst to me, a snow storm quickly emerged over the area.  After practice, when we went out to the Jeep and pulled away, I became aware that I could not see anything in front of my car.  The snow was falling so hard that there were no tracks on the road.  I felt like I was in a 3D movie.  The flakes were flying into the windshield and coupled with the darkness, I truly could not see anything but 3D snowflakes slamming into my window.  My son Nathan began navigation.  “Mom, just drive slow and go a few more feet.”  We somehow made it to the mall and I pulled over at a nearby McDonalds.  I called my husband to ask if he could come and lead us home, but at the same time, my daughter called to say that her play practice was over and that we needed to come and pick her up.  I sent my husband to get her and continued my dangerous quest home.  My other son Alex now became the navigator.  What you should know about Alex is that for some strange reason, he memorizes street names.  I have always been intrigued by this on our car rides home as he very methodically calls out the names of each street when we pass by.  I was so thankful during the snow blizzard that he actually knew where we were and could assist me.  He was so sweet, “Mom, you are doing good. We are almost to Capital, we are almost to Luan, we are almost to Bittersweet.  You are doing good.  Just keep going.  You can do it Mom. I love you Mom.  Just keep going.”  Truly, I would not have made it home last night if Alex had not been with me.  His kind heart and encouragement kept me going.  About half way home, I considered pulling over again, but Alex kept me going.

Our home is on a country road.  The snow drifts and blowing are really prevalent during inclement weather and last night was no exception.  I was terrified.

When Alex and I reached the driveway, we both started cheering and when I pulled into the garage, we all hugged.  He kept saying, “Mom, I love you so much.”  We were so happy to be alive!  I immediately called my husband to make sure that he was safe.  He arrived home with my daughter about an hour later.

Today we do not have school again and so I am enjoying true family time with my children.  There is nothing like a dangerous drive home to put my problems into perspective.  I appreciate every moment of my life everyday.  Life is so fragile, so precious.

Simply put, I will be more attentive to checking the weather forecast before my cabbing.  Memorizing street names is also not a bad idea!


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