What I Would Do if I Won the Lottery

cropped-p1070249.jpgIt seems so cliche’ to title this post  “What I Would Do if I Won the Lottery” because I think at one time or another we have all thought about what we would do if we won millions of dollars playing the lottery.  When the jackpots get really high, the media builds up the anticipation and excitement which is when I usually break down and buy a lottery ticket.  I am not a regular player of the lottery.  I am a realist in the sense that I know the odds of me winning the lottery are so microscopic that buying the ticket is setting myself up for disappointment.  You see, I am a big dreamer!  When I buy the ticket, I already start planning for my immediate retirement and vacation plans and then feel really let down when I find out my numbers didn’t even come close.  As I was cutting coupons the other day from the Sunday paper, I came across and entry for the Publishers Clearing House (PCH).  I started to think about whether or not the prize patrol is really true or just a scam, so I did a little research on the Internet to discover that yes, PCH does really award big prizes to people every year.  However, just like the lottery, the chances of winning are very, very, very teeny, teeny tiny, mini Whinnie.  I entered anyway just for fun and now I am getting really annoying emails about re-entering to “up” my chances of winning.

I cannot help but dream anyway of what I would if I won millions of dollars, or even one million dollars. So here goes:

  •  Give a large allotment of money to my Mom, Dad, and brother.
  •  Pay off my current mortgage.  I love my home and want to live here forever!
  •  Buy the land behind my house.  Possibly use the land to develop a “Log Cabin” village for ND Home Game rentals or to host  annual Women’s Retreats.  This would be a future business endeavor.
  •  Start my own Pumpkin Farm in the Fall and invite families to come and enjoy a fun Fall experience – pumpkins, hay rides, chili,  hot chocolate, goats, crafts and more.  Yes, I said goats – two to be exact and one will be named Shelia.
  •  Give an allotment of money to my church to pay for children and teenagers to attend church summer camp.  My church has  always given me a scholarship to send my children to camp every summer.  I would pay for every child to attend.
  •  Set aside money for 3 college tuitions for my children.
  •  Pay off all my current bills.
  •  Take a trip to Alaska.
  •  Take a trip in an RV across the country – no set plan, just get in the RV and go!
  •  Take my Mom to Downton Abbey in England.
  •  Take my close girlfriends on a Caribbean cruise – all expenses paid.
  •  Self-publish my first book.
  •  Take my daughter Lizzy to see a Broadway Show in New York City.
  •  Buy ND season tickets for the rest of my life.
  •  Provide Christmas gifts and dinners every year for needy families at my school.
  • Get my PhD in Creative Writing.
  •  Put the rest of the money in a safe investment fund.

I would retire early but volunteer weekly in a school or at my church.  I would love to have my own business on my property and I have a myriad of ideas about how to do this.  I would still want to serve others in my life because I think God has a purpose for all of us. Financial freedom would just allow me the opportunity to help others and give back to so many people who have helped me through the years.  My family has always supported me through good and bad times.  I would give to them generously as they have given to me.  My church has supported me through the years by sending my children to summer camp so I would give back and pay for many children to enjoy the same experiences mine have.  I love to travel and I have only listed a few potential vacation spots.  I would travel far and invite friends and family to enjoy the experience with me.  I value education and so I think I would pursue my PhD and also pay for my children’s own college education. They will go to college no matter what!  I would not spend foolishly.  I am happy where I am and with the car I drive, so I think I would just pay everything off and stay put.  I would definitely seek financial assistance from an adviser and be sure to put a large chunk of money away to provide my family with a future nest egg.  I am sure other opportunities would present themselves, but for me, life would be about new experiences with the people I love the most.

Having financial freedom sure would make my dreams come true, but I am hopeful that without winning the lottery, I still will be able to enjoy some of the dreams on my list.  I will just have to be a bit more patient and tackle one dream at a time.  The lottery will not dictate whether or not I achieve my goals.  In fact, I do plan to start working on my Pumpkin Farm and ND rental idea this summer.  I am still researching the goats.  I am not fully committed to the goats yet.

Simply put, dreams are a part of our lives. You have to have big dreams and hope in this crazy, crazy world and we do not have to win the lottery to have big dreams.  What dream will you start working on today?


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