Tick Tock Tick Tock . . . Mom is Going Back to Work.

This chair is where I have been living for a little over the last two weeks. I have had everything at my disposal . . . my computer, phone, tea, dogs, electric blanket, remote control, and books, but aP1070418fter my two week vacation and three unexpected snow days, reality has set in.  Tomorrow, I will head back to work.  No more pajama lounging, endless snacking or marathon movie watching for awhile.  Life is calling me back to reality and my schedule is going to get busy, really quick!  Today has been a moderate lounge day.  It is four twenty two p.m. and I am still sporting my pajamas but I have also been doing some last minute chores that I have continued to put off for the last few days.  I am amazed at how peaceful and calm I have been these last few weeks since my regular HECTIC routine has come to a complete halt,  My body has caught up with physical rest, my mind has been free of worry, and my focus has been on enjoying the things I like to do at home, but never have time to do.  I actually feel “caught up” which I never feel.  SO the question is, once I get back to my career, how do I maintain and balance this feeling of calm?  Is it even possible to do both?  How do I separate my busy work life from my home life? How do I accomplish all of my work projects?   How do I feel rested at the end of a long day?  How do I not let my mind continue to play and re-play the tape of the days events over and over and over?  How do I keep up with all of my house chores?  How do I give my children and my husband my full attention?  How do I find time for myself?  Just thinking about these questions already lifts some anxiety from within because I know the rigmarole that lies ahead.  My intent is not to be depressing with this post.  I am just being honest, real about how working moms must balance all of the intricate parts of their lives and sometimes we lose ourselves in all of “it.”  I am so thankful that I have had these past few weeks to take a break from my life.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy my job or find satisfaction in helping those I serve in my work.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy attending my children’s events or cabbing them back and forth, or finding time to go out with friends on weekends, or keeping up with laundry, reading my devotional books, cooking a great meal, watching my favorite televisions shows and finding time to nap  I love doing all of those things.  I just wish there were a way to find more balance so that each part of my life gets my very best each and every time.  As I move forward tomorrow with jumping back into my life, I will document some of the strategies I will try for maintaining balance. I am open to any suggestions or ideas you all have as well.  I know I am not the only working Mom struggling to keep up.  Simply put, I am happy for the life that I have, even though it is a busy life.  I am thankful to have friends who are in this with me.  We have to help each other so that we can find peace amidst the chaos.


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