French Toast – It’s All About the Bread

My son Nathan has become quite the cook.  He is 11 years old and enjoys spending time in the kitchen creating “new” recipes.  Most of the time, this is a good thing.  We have a great time together laughing, talking, singing and cooking.  Sometimes he decides to get creative and make his own creations.  He simply adds this and that without thinking about how the ingredients might taste when they are all mixed together.  His cooking began about 5 years ago when we were camping (We are avid campers).  I always take my skillet and make pancakes in the morning.  Nathan took over the skillet and instantly became our pancake man!  This morning, on my last day of winter break, Nathan and I decided to try a new French Toast recipe.  Once again, I went to the Internet in search of the perfect recipe.  What I discovered is that most of the recipes are similar, but the secret to creating the most fluffy, delicious pieces of French Toast is in the bread.  I had never heard of Challah bread until I read about it.  On my last trip tot he grocery store, I found a large loaf in the bakery.  The other secret is to leave the bag open the night before you make it and let the bread harden.  A slightly stale bread makes for really solid pieces of French Toast instead of soggy, wet pieces of bread.  Nathan and I used a recipe from  I will attach the link for you.  I put in a little extra cinnamon and vanilla.  It was delicious.  Of course, Nathan took his famous seat at the helm of the griddle!  We did not have any fresh fruit, but the next time we make this, I will buy some blueberries and strawberries.  This was a great recipe to start our still very chilly Midwest day! Simply put, making the perfect French Toast is all about the bread.

The link to the recipe is:


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