Winter Wonderland Joy

P1070397I simply love being at home!  By profession, I am an elementary school principal.  This is a career that I have worked very hard to achieve and maintain.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being an educator and God has definitely put me in this role to help others.  However, I also love being at home and spending time with my children.  In April, my husband and I moved into the home of our dreams.  We live on 3 1/2 acres on a beautiful piece of property.  Officially, my winter break was supposed to end last Friday and today was supposed to be my first day back to work.  Ole’ mother nature decided to dump over a foot of snow on most of the state of Indiana and today the temperatures are in the double digit negatives!  The local new station just reported that we have not only one, but two snow days!  For me, getting a snow day is like winning the lottery.  I LOVE snow days!

Lucky for me and the kids, we are delighting in my most favorite “small pleasures” of life –  fuzzy pajamas, my electric blanket, hot chocolate, tea and apple cider, crock pot recipes, warm bubble baths, the fireplace, games, and some good movies.  I wonder how long I could feast on these home delicacies before I would get bored.  The view from the back deck of our home is astounding.  The scenary looks like a winter wonder fairy land.  Every time I walk by a window, I pause for a few extra seconds to look at the beauty of the trees, the snow and ice.  It is beautiful.  God creates such beauty in nature.  I feel surrounded by His presence here.  Maybe that is another reason I love my new home so much.   Simply put, one of the joys of life is being given the opportunity to embrace the comforts God has given us and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.  Wherever you are today, relish in your favorite comfort and take a close look around.  What can you find that is beautiful?

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